Cat Drag, the Process Photos

May 23, 2016

Cat Drag, the Process Photos

About two weeks ago in order to both coincide with the Season 8 finale of RuPaul's Drag Race and to show my support for my pick of the winner, I decided to make a drag outfit for my cat, Oliver, inspired by drag queen Kim Chi.

The photo on the left shows the look I was trying to copy, and the photo on the right is my result!

I wanted to share some photos of my process.

Sleepy cat in blue wig
The first time I tried the wig on Oliver, I did it when he was napping.

paper pattern
An early version of the dress pattern.

 early fitting
One of the early fittings.

two fabrics
I initially bought the fabric on the left to use for the dress. But then I encountered the fabric on the right and felt it was a better match to Kim Chi's dress fabric.

sleeve pattern with rock weights
This is the final sleeve pattern. Here I am about to cut the lining material. 
Beach rocks make excellent fabric weights.

working on my cat drag
Working on my cat drag.

cat drag complete outfit and accessories
The everything.
Dress, wig, wig brooch, necklace, bracelets, and false eyelashes.

photo studio
The photo studio.

Before: the un-edited photo.
After: the final photo.
unedited and final cat drag

Next week I will posting the outtakes of the photo shoot.

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