HOW TO WEAR - Dinosaur in a Hoodie Necklaces

January 07, 2016 1 Comment

HOW TO WEAR - Dinosaur in a Hoodie Necklaces

Hello there! Been eyeing one of the Funhouse Labs Dinosaur in a Hoodie necklaces but not sure how to style it? Fear not; help is here!!

First up is the red hoodie triceratops necklace:

Generally speaking, I love to pair these necklaces with prints. Why? The print helps the bold necklaces look more subtle. And let's face it - there is absolutely nothing "subtle" about a miniature plastic dinosaur wearing a bold and bright tiny hoodie!

This look itself is not geeky; but the accessories sure are. Here we have a pair of reading glasses and a He-man notebook partnered with a floral print dress...geeky but still girly! The pink and grey tones in the dress compliment the colors in the necklace nicely.

Next up is the blue hoodie velociraptor necklace:

This look I like to call the "urban nerd". There are comic undertones in this look as well (Pac-Man skirt) but they don't have to be. The takeaway again here is to partner this bold and bright necklace with a bold and bright print. The chunky black cardigan also adds some visual interest to the top half of the body. I envision this outfit with a form fitting black top, tucked into the skirt. The cardigan would be left open to expose the dinosaur necklace.

Now we have the yellow hoodie triceratops necklace, starring in a more refined look.

I really really love this look; it's very classy! In this top we not only have a bold print to balance out the bold dinosaur, but the shape of the top is quite fluid. The necklace would sit nicely under the collar of this piece and would "pop out" from underneath the bow. Quite nice indeed. Basic black slim pants are great here to contrast the fluidity and boldness of the top, and these patent flats with large bows are just perfect.

Finally, we have the green hoodie tyrannosaurus rex neckace.

This look features both a hoodie and a dinosaur print! I LOVE the idea of a cropped hoodie for this look. For one thing, the shorter length of the sweater allows the fullness of the lower portion of the dress to not be restricted. Secondly, it's a hoodie! In this look you are wearing a dinosaur print dress with a hoodie and you are wearing a necklace of a dinosaur wearing a hoodie. This is the real deal. A pair of simple brown booties keep with the "wild outdoors" print of the dress and don't have laces or strings to compete with the hoodie drawcord.

Like what you see? Leave a comment with your favorite look!

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January 23, 2016

I love hoodies! I buy them here usually most of all I like that it is made if eco-friendly materials;)

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