Cat Drag, the outtakes

June 14, 2016

Cat Drag, the outtakes

A few weeks ago I posted the process photos for that time I dressed up my cat Oliver as my favorite queen from RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 - Kim Chi!
You can find that post HERE.
I am now posting the pictures that did not make the final cut along with my commentary about each photo. 

We started out with myself behind the camera, while my husband Scott was assisting with posing the cat. He's wearing a white sock over one arm to blend in with the white foamcore backdrop.

Scott gives Oliver a pep talk and encourages him to "Hissy that walk".
Notice that we have added a small toy to the photo area as a means of attempting to distract the cat. He wasn't all that comfortable in his costume.

At this point I realized that he did not want to sit still or pose and we would be lucky to get one or two shots that were "okay" - let alone great. 
Not exactly glamorous....
At this point I suggested that my husband and I switch roles so that I could pose the cat.

Wardrobe malfunction.
At this point you can see that there are now treats on the photo table.

Chin up, kitty! Oliver kept wanting to look down.

Eh, maybe not.

Snack break.

This was it!! This was the best shot. Much to my chagrin. At least he managed to sit still for one second and his head is up and not down. I edited myself out of the picture and color corrected, etc. and here is the final image:
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