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All of our beautiful powder coated Bling Rings are double coated for maximum strength and durability. The stones we use are high-grade cubic zirconia or lab created gemstones.

Selecting a Funhouse Labs Bling Ring isn't necessarily about matching the ring to a certain article of clothing - rather it is best to gravitate to the ring and color combination that speaks best to YOU. Our Bling Rings are meant to bring you moments of daily joy when you behold the vivid pops of color and the sparkly stones.

We offer many styles of colorful Bling Rings and Bling Earrings and are sure to have something to tickle your fancy. We also offer custom services to design your own Bling Ring or Bling Earrings in any finger size, stone size, and color combination you choose. 

All pieces are made in Santa Monica, California USA and many raw materials and components used are of USA origin.