About Funhouse Labs


I attended Cornell University where I studied apparel design. I've worked oven ten years professionally as an apparel designer and product / production manager.

When I first started Funhouse Labs, I was working a lot with toys and creating jewelry with them. I tried to do it in a way that was more elevated than simply putting a figurine on a string! At this time in my life, I wanted to remind myself – and others – that life does not have to be taken SO seriously and everything I made at that time had a touch of humor to it. I got engaged in 2013, and had never worn rings before. Once I started wearing my engagement ring, I started to think about rings a lot. I was dreaming up brightly colored ring bands and settings with contrasting stone colors. I felt very, very, passionate about bringing them to reality. I like to think that even though I am not working with toys so much anymore, my designs still have a cheerful and youthful quality to them and have proved delightful to wearers both young and old.

American manufacturing is very important to me. I intentionally source as many raw materials and product components as I can from companies who produce here in the USA. Under each product listing, you will discover the origin of every component of a Funhouse Labs finished product.

I invite you to browse our products, and see how Funhouse Labs can brighten your day.

Erica Stout
Santa Monica, CA