How to Care for your Funhouse Labs Bling Ring

The finish on this ring is a very durable powder coating! You DO NOT need to remove your ring while routinely washing your hands.

The chemicals in *many* sunscreens and skincare products can breakdown the colored surface of the band. Therefore, we recommend ALL SUNSCREENS AND SKINCARE PRODUCTS TO DRY FULLY and be absorbed into the skin before wearing your piece.

The coating CAN chip off with excessive force or due to contact with an abrasive surface. Normal wear should not be a problem, but if you are doing “heavy work” it is a good idea to remove your ring. The most susceptible place for chipping to occur is on the prongs. Be careful around metal zipper teeth!

TO CLEAN THE STONE, simply use a small cosmetic brush and some simple cleaner. Work in between the prongs and under the stone with the brush to restore the sparkle.

To watch a video on how to clean your ring, click HERE.

Should the band on your ring become chipped, we offer both touch up and re-coating services. Contact us at if you should need such services.