Ethical Sourcing and Production

I wanted to share a bit about my commitment to making products using locally sourced (American) components, as this is a commitment and personal value that I do not take lightly. 

All finished pieces are assembled here in the USA. But I take it a step further by making a complete effort to source the components that go in to those finished pieces as being of USA origin.

Within each product description, any components that are Made in USA are noted as being such.

Sometimes it is just not possible, given the size and scope of my business to use 100% Made in USA components. My goal is to use 90% American made components on all of my items. It is a I reach out to domestic suppliers of all capacities. Here is just a glimpse of everything that goes into a finished Funhouse Labs jewelry piece:

• Ring and earring settings
• Chain
• Ear wires
• Clasps (and other closures)
• Jump rings and connectors
• Logo tags
• Stamped metal components, such as filigree
• Solder
• Powder coating
• ...and more

THANK YOU for your support.